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Nanodrop 3300

NanoDrop 3300


Fluorescence Made Compact and Simple

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300 fluorospectrometers are used by life science laboratories to verify selective concentrations of DNA, RNA, and protein.  Utilizing a patented sample retention system it minimizes the mass detection limit while increasing sensitivity, allowing measurement of samples as low as
1 picogram/µl of dsDNA.  The flexibility of the NanoDrop 3300 allows users to work with multiple brands of assays, giving them the freedom to select the best assay for a specific workflow. 

NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer features:

  • Measures a wide variety of fluorescence assays:  RiboGreen, PicoGreen, GFP, BFP mutants, Hoechst, 4-MU, Quantum Dots, OPA, DyLite, AlexaFluor and many more
  • Sample size as small as 1μL
  • UV, blue and white LED excitation, covering a broad wavelength range
  • No filter changes and no expensive monochromator
  • Ability to run diverse and customizable applications
  • Ability to measure multiple fluorophores from a single sample
  • Spectral and quantitative data

Learn more about sample analysis using the NanoDrop 3300:

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*Patents US6628382 and US6809826

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